Au Revoir

Mon 9 Feb 2015

We left the beach early yesterday morning. The minivan is a ride from Hell, due to overloading the vehicle with people and local produce. My long legs hate me for it. We’re back in Dawei and staying at the Dream Emperor, again. We miss the beach already, but we both need to use the internet and withdraw more cash. ATMs and wifi are as scarce as real coffee.

My feet are covered in bites from sand fleas. They itch so much it’s painful.

On our last evening at the beach we walked to the eastern side of the bay and watched the sun set. One of the best I’ve ever seen.

Setting over the western peninsula.
Setting over the western peninsula.

The jungle is equally as stunning as the beach. The thick, tropical greenery stops dead as it reaches the fine, white sand which gently slopes into the warm, turquoise Andaman Sea.

Facing west
Facing west

Within the next few years this will become another destination on the tourist route. I have heard, from travellers older than me, that the beaches of Thailand were once deserted and inaccessible. It’s a shame to think that this paradise will be scarred by casinos and hotels, in order to profit those who already have too much money.

As those who saw Koh Samui forty years ago, we are fortunate to have seen this today.

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