Sex Trade and Pure Filth

Sun 22 Feb 2015

Being back in Thailand is quite a shock to the system. We quickly acclimatised to Myanmar and were really enjoying it. The weather, people and culture are worlds apart, even though the two countries border each other. We left Myanmar on a gravel road and entered Thailand on a wide, asphalt freeway.

On a positive note, Kanchanaburi has good coffee
On a positive note, Kanchanaburi has good coffee

Staying in Kanchanaburi only enhances my gag reflex. The decision to stop here was based, purely on geographical reasons. The town runs on sex, drugs and alcohol. This environment could cause me to hate humanity. I sincerely hope that Myanmar manages to protect itself from the disease that is western tourism.

The presence of sex trade is made revoltingly obvious by the numerous older, white men accompanied by young Thai women. Couples will sit at restaurants in complete silence and without any real interest in each other. We watched as an obese, middle-aged man groped a young waitress, while his Thai wife held their child and put on a brave face. The sight turned Maja into a raging Viking, vowing to burn his battered remains as an offering to Odin. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’re in love. Or, she is poor and needs the money to help her family and he’s a pig that doesn’t stand a sperm cell’s chance in a blowjob of finding a financially independent partner in his own country. Too harsh? Fuck him. Go home and evolve into something that resembles a decent human being. You’re giving the rest of us a bad name.

"Get Drunk for 10 Baht!"
“Get Drunk for 10 Baht!”

Maja and I will spend most of our time here working behind our laptops and trying to block out the drunken mating calls of British chavs at 02:00am. We were fortunate enough to be woken by such a melody of nature this morning. I could imagine David Attenborough narrating the scene. “Watch, as the lower-than-average-intelligence male, with his hat at a seemingly impossible angle, attempts to court the tubby, slightly bearded female by shouting at the top of his voice, ‘NICE TITS!’ The female approves of the display and so, it is here, on the muddy riverbank, that the future of the United Kingdom will be conceived.”

Riverbank of romance
Riverbank of romance

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