Island of Gozo

I’ve met people in Sweden who are actually prescribed, by their GP, to visit a warmer country in order to receive a dose of vitamin D. We decided to book our tickets before it came to that.

Stepping off the plane on Malta, into the above-zero air temperatures was a great start to the trip. However, it quickly became obvious that Malta is heavily geared towards northern-Europeans fleeing the frosty climate of their home country. That’s just not our style. Even though we were running from sub-zero Sweden.

Being the bad-ass rebel gangsters that we are, we made use of the fine Maltese public transport system to hop over to the little island of Gozo. After travelling through southern Africa and south-east Asia, moving around a European country felt like cheating. Everyone spoke perfect English, no one tried to scam us and not once did I ride on a rusty tuk-tuk next to a chicken. It almost takes the thrill out of travelling, but relaxing to not plan and research every detail.

Ramla Bay on Gozo


The water was warm. The air not so much.
Coffee and ice-cream makes Maja a happy Swede.
Catching the last rays of sun in Bugibba before heading to the airport.
Colourful doors and bougainvillea in Marsalforn on Gozo.
Fungus Rock. The sea was so rough that the spray from the waves created a salty rain.
Ancient salt pans
The windswept look. Brought to you by Gozo.
Where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt filmed “By the Sea”. *snore*
Country roads.
Churches are boring and mostly look the same, but their architecture is impressive.
These rocks are sharper than they look!
We loved the colourful fishing boats. I wants one.
The ferry ride to Gozo was good fun with the giant waves rocking the boat. We arrived to find the waves breaking onto the streets.
The water was deep and clear. I need a GoPro.

IMG_1725 IMG_1575

Crystal clear water, but it seems over-fished. Great fun snorkeling though.

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