Extension cords. Those things that are designed to be 20cm too short, no matter where you use them.

At the store you think, “six outlets on an extension will be plenty!” You’re an idiot. Once at home, that cord no longer belongs to you. In fact, it never did. As you swiped your bank card it became the official property of her royal majesty, your wife. The six outlets will be used for her headphones, iPhone, electric toothbrush, E-reader, her other phone and two laptops. Yes, that’s seven items. You should have bought a bigger one, moron! Well, can I use one of the outlets? No, get your own!

2 thoughts on “Extension

  1. Whaahaaahaaa, welcome to the DIY life, where nothing is as it seems or goes according to your plan.


  2. The fortune spent on this item in our home surely we could have retired on.
    They are like your missing unmatched socks.
    You never have enough, never can find it and are forever buying another one.


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