Raise the maypole, grab the schnapps, put flowers in your hair and eat pickled fish. It’s midsommar!

Midsommar morning kisses

This is the best time of year to be in Sweden. The sun doesn’t go down and Swede’s forget about their social phobia for a short while. Schnapps may play a role. Nevertheless, now is a good time to be Swedish. The feeling of community in the sailing club is wonderful. Everyone is welcome and everyone does their part.


One couple had the duty of organising a pirate treasure hunt for the kids. They dressed up as pirates and had a whole story and adventure organised, along with treasure. The amount of effort that went into this activity alone was admirable.

Follow the pirate

The kids followed the pirates around the island, finding clues towards the treasure and bumping into snoring monsters.

Even pirates blow bubbles

Maja took Björn along for the whole adventure. He’s too young to understand the concept, but he loved the activity and being around other kids. Maja, on the other hand, was engaged to the fullest. She insisted that she tagged along “for Björn’s sake.”

Björn’s share of the bounty

Eventually the kids found the hidden treasure, which was shared equally, as Swedes do. Björn bagged a very cool boat. The temperature reached 30 degrees and it was high time to test his vessel.

The penis pole

It just wouldn’t be midsommar without the pagan tradition of dancing around a fertility symbol.

Festivities are hungry work
On the beach after dinner
Climbing onboard for bedtime

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