Let’s go! Slowly.

On Thursday we rushed, packed and rushed some more to prep the boat and cast off from our home marina. First stop, Säby Klint. It’s only 3NM from home, but it feels good to get going.

Octavia in light winds
Björn’s usual spot
Straight to the beach

Björn already recognises Säby Klint. He knows where to find the little playground, but most importantly the beach.

What a strange lady
Sailing passed Skokloster

After one night on Säby Klint we made use of the northerly wind to make way towards the archipelago. Motoring against the wind is boring and makes a sailor sulk. Next stop, Sigtuna.

Tiny pool

The boat becomes a very small space with an active toddler onboard. A tub of water and some toys in the cockpit keep him occupied for a few minutes. He wears a life jacket and is harnessed to the railing when not strapped in his chair.

Lunch onboard
Always a playground nearby

Our primary motivation for coming to Sigtuna is the best pizzeria in Sweden. Without this restaurant we would sail straight passed the town.

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