New spots

From Sigtuna to Rosersberg really is just around the corner, but we were taught a good lesson in how quickly the weather can change. We cast off wearing shorts and T-shirts for the little trip.

A spot of rain isn’t a problem

Maja and Björn went inside to stay dry while I wished for a bimini. My wish was never granted so I settled for a gay pride umbrella.


The wind quickly folded my umbrella like a cheap plastic toy and threw fist-sized raindrops at us. I never had the opportunity to check the GPS, but I’m pretty sure we went over 6 knots, which would be a record for this boat.

Not impressed with being sent inside

The squall disappeared as quickly as it arrived and we were given safe passage into Rosersberg Bay.

Boys in puddles

The main attraction in Rosersberg is the pompous castle, built by some pompous prick in the year pompous twenty three. That’s as far I read the information board. The gardens are immaculate and peasants are permitted to admire their pompousness, given they don’t defecate on the lawn.

Lord Björn and his African servant

The building is massive, but it doesn’t look like a castle. I’d ask for a refund.

Too cool for preschool
Narrow passage

After being kept awake by a group of raucous teenagers we decided to sail on. The wind has been good to us by blowing us towards the archipelago, and we’d hate to turn down the invitation.


We could make it into the archipelago quicker, but Björn would audibly protest against such a lengthly trip. Besides, this way we get to stop and see islands which we would never have even noticed.

Pot of old at the end of the rainbow


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