Salt water

When people ask us where we sailed from they are generally surprised at the answer. “That’s a far way.” It really isn’t. Or maybe we’re the weird ones.

View of Stockholm

By the time we arrived in central Stockholm it was late and we were tired. We had also missed the cut-off time to open the bridge over the sluice. So we made the best of it by stocking up with supplies and chatting to posh Stockholmers.

Stockholm by night

The area is stunning, with parks, restaurants, street food and activities for any kind of person. There are outdoor gyms, skate parks, play parks, boat clubs, kayak clubs and anything else to keep people out of trouble. As an African I am amazed that people mostly do stay out of trouble. The fact that the massive play park has toys and bicycles for all kids to play with, and they don’t get stolen is amazing. Under a bridge is the skate park without hobos, druggies or faeces on the ground.

Play park
Opening another bridge
Going through the sluice

Hammarby sluice is the border between sweet Mälaren and salty Baltic water. Björn woke up from his nap just as we were entering. As soon as we motored to the other side we could smell the salt in the air.


Fjäderholmarna is a very pretty island in central Stockholm. It’s proximity to town can make it crowded at times. The restaurants, bars and cafés charge airport prices, but the ice cream was worth it. The restaurant with its private marina, however, is out of my league.

The cruise ships actually don’t create much of a wave at all

The pebble beach faces the main passage the ferries use. Different ferries create different sized bow waves. A certain type of high-speed ferry creates a goddamn tsunami. Children on the beach begin screaming and are left terrified a good deal afterwards. I may start a petition to create a sandbank for the waves to break a bit further out. They would actually be surfable.

I don’t know what game this is, but Björn won
Pirate ship

This pirate ship fires canons. Loud canons that scare anyone within a 5km radius.

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