We spent two days in a marina, hiding from stormy weather and stocking up for the trip ahead. Being safely moored in a well protected marina gave us our first real opportunity to take it easy. Central Stockholm isn’t exactly the capital of adventure, but sailing with a toddler requires occasional visits to civilisation. Once the wind had stopped throwing a tantrum we cast off and aimed south.

Fun on rainy days
Play ground in front of the marina

The trip from central Stockholm, south towards Artipelag doesn’t allow for much sailing as the channel is very narrow. On either side of the valley are homes which belong to the wealthy elite. Outside of their waterside mansions are parked their yachts, which cost the same as a small village. I like to tell myself that they’re probably all miserable, drowning their sorrows in expensive French champagne every morning with their Corn Flakes, while their wives flirt with the private yoga teacher.

Narrow passage

As technology does, our camera went on strike during the passage through this beautiful valley. Hence, the lack of pics.

As we sail further into the Baltic the water temperature plummets. It brings a different meaning to taking my breath away.

Considering a swim at Artipelag

Artipelag is gold for sailors like us. It doesn’t cost anything to moor at their dock. The catch is that they have a modern art centre and restaurant. They’re not shy to charge their patrons. I caved in and took a loan to purchase coffee and a cinnamon bun. Art, however, is about as appealing as rotten fish and I held tightly onto my wallet when walking past that kiosk.

Sunset on the dock

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