Nature harbour

The Swedes refer to a bay that is well protected from the wind as a nature harbour. Stockholm’s archipelago is full of them. One can either anchor and take the dinghy to shore, or moor right up to the rocks. We opted for the latter, as our toddler needs direct access to land.

Napoleon Bay
Anchor at aft and moored to trees at the bow
Relaxing in the bay
Great business idea

The clever lads in the small boat are a floating bakery outlet. They motor to different anchorages every morning, selling loaves of bread and sweet buns. Of course, I waved them over.

The sailor’s shower

Napoleon Bay is well protected from the northerly wind, but the following morning the wind swung and we started to drag anchor. Plan B was just around the corner in the form of the “wash basin.”

The wash basin

Sometimes plan B turns out to be the better option. The bay was smaller with fewer people, easier access to land and the island wasn’t a steep mountain protruding from the sea. The flatter ground was more child friendly. When there are fewer people around, one tends more to speak with the neighbours. Ours offered to lend us his Weber.

Pebble beach

The tiny pebble beach supplied us with hours of entertainment and cooling off. The weather prediction promised temperatures of over 30 degrees, so we decided to stay put during the heat wave. It was the right thing to do. The weather delivered as promised and we were surrounded by the cool Baltic water.

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